Kalpataru Institute of Capital Market (KICM)

Kalpataru Institute of Capital Market (KICM)


About KICM

Capital Markets or Financial markets can be one of the most rewarding and exciting professions. But entering the markets without knowledge is like sitting on a time bomb. To diffuse this bomb and make a fulfilling carrier out of it you want a knowledge partner. So, KICM is here to tide you over all the financial stress by guiding you and teaching you all about the financial markets. KICM is one of the most reliable brands in financial knowledge as it is promoted by Kalpataru Multiplier Limited who are the leading and oldest stock brokers of Central India. KICM offers a wide variety of courses like NISM certifications, Basic , Intermediate and Advanced stock market courses. Depending on you knowledge and skill set , we train and guide you for various market situations. Through our concrete program structure we prepare you for various complex situations offered by the markets at various times. Our experiences and qualified trainers will do the right kind of hand holding and will turn you into professional and seasoned trader / Investor.

Kalpataru Institute of Capital Market (KICM)


  • KICM Mission is to impart skills, knowledge right attitude and values to the students transforming them into dynamic, effective and full fledge "Employability Training". Our aim is to create a huge force of quality Financial Advisors who will steer safe on the road to success. We wish to impart right education to right student. Our humble effort will benefit the entire community in the long run financial upliftment.


  • KICM vision is to nurture the students by showing them the path of progress, to breakthrough the barriers in the financial industry. KICM would equip the students with all the requisite theoretical and practical knowledge, which would help them to keep pace with the dynamic changes in the Financial Industry.

Kalpataru Multiplier Limited

KICM is a Kalpataru Group venture which is run by Kalaptaru Charitable Trust and is promoted by Kalpataru Multiplier Limited.

Kalpataru is a wishful Devine Tree and in present context a widely Trusted, Time tested and Transparent Share Broker, Mutual Fund Distributor and D.P. of this region. Kalpataru offers a complete solution to all your Investment problems, needs and requirements since 1992.

Kalpataru is a spectrum of vision, vibgyor , style, standard, creativity, craze and honesty. All the seven colours of share business can be felt and enjoyed in Kalpataru. Our field of operation is Share Trading, Commodity, Derivative (F&O) Trading, Currency, IPO, Demat, Mutual Fund and Pan Card Services.

Kalpataru Institute of Capital Market (KICM)