Kalpataru Institute of Capital Market (KICM)

Kalpataru Institute of Capital Market (KICM)


NISM Modules

  • Commodity Derivative Certification Examination.
  • Securities market Foundation Certification Examination.
  • Mutual Fund Distribution Examination.
  • Equity Derivatives Certification examination.
Kalpataru Institute of Capital Market (KICM)

Basic Course

A comprehensive course for all is it a student, housewife, professionals or anyone who is seeking knowledge about the Stock Markets. The course is designed in such a way that it will cater to the needs of all age groups. After completion of the course, the candidate gets working knowledge of stock markets and can start exploring the markets. Broad Topics covered are Role of Sebi , Exchanges and Brokers; What are stock Markets , commodities , Mutal Funds ; Back Office; Understanding statements and Ledgers etc. So opt this course if you are new to the markets or want to brush up your basics about Markets.

Intermediate Course

This course is designed for learners who have done their Basic Course with us or have equivalent Knowledge as mentioned in the Basic. This Course will help you learn about the Instrument which has highest turnover in the market. Most pro Traders only use options strategies to make Money. Once you are thorough with the Options strategies , you will look no further. So opt for this course learn what big players are doing and how are they making money!!

Advanced Course

This course will give you a revision of Options strategies and will give you through Knowledge about Technical Analysis. After you have done this course , you will be ready to face for stock Markets required you have done enough mock trading , paper trading , back testing. Our aim through this course will be to reduce your learning curve by making you aware of mistakes most traders do and in situations they are stuck . We will also guide you what Mental Blocks a trader faces and how we can reduce these blocks to some extent.